Frequently Ask Questions.

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The simple answer is just time. It takes almost double the amount of time to edit out ums and ahs, etc. For a lot of people, it's worth it, because it creates a more professional end product. Advanced editing is $10 PER 10 minutes of raw audio.

Yes, I do. At this time I am taking on a limit amount of clients that require podcast video editing. If you would like to have your podcast video edited, please send me a message.

The gig's intent is for podcasts. However, I realize that some audio conditions are not ideal. I reduce as much background noise as possible without affecting the dialogue. However, this gig is not for isolating sounds like dog barks and removing it. Please provide a sample of your audio before order.

Not all "ums" are the same. Some are attached to other words which makes removing them sound unnatural and choppy. "Ums" that are stand-alone and not attached to other words will be removed. Please see description for more info. Removing "ums" and "ahs" requires a gig extra.

For projects that require more than what's described with Basic and Advanced Editing, please message me for a custom quote.